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Thursday, 5 March 2015

Why has Alun been so quiet?

What can I say?  First off, I vanished for two weeks on a cruise around the Canaries and so on, escaping the freezing, damp, barren lands of the UK at a time of year that I'd like to spend a whole six to eight weeks away, if I could.

I took many notebooks and pencils but wrote probably less than two chapters and those weren't the current book cycle. I drifted off into what might become a short and completely independent book about crossing the hedge titled "The other side of the bridge" set during the second world war. 

I hope that an agent will step forward soon as I have so many tales to tell about good old Finn and his friends. I have just dragged Hamilkar into it, this week after a brief consultation with his owner. I hope you remember him.... in our tales, a northman and mage of the type one would find in the sagas not the more florid magic of some of what have since become trad fantasy spell casters.

I reckon by the end of the first four books, I might even have assembled all the companions and friends that I intended to include as well as lost a good few, as well.

So that was my first excuse.    The other is that I have been working on editing some of book 2, "Out of the Shadows" and cracking on with book 3 "Long are the Shadows" which I have now written 17 chapters for, sketched out 6 in draft and have plenty more planned.

Those in my reading groups, thank you for your continuing comments and persistence. :)

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