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Friday, 23 January 2015

We set sail in hope

For some considerable number of days, now, I have been so buried in Finn's latest tales, that I haven't being paying attention to the more important matter of putting them about. Finn, of course, is far too pre-occupied on some damn fool adventure in The Marish.

Some of you will recall me (as Finn and others) talking about the nightmarish time, there and refusing to say more. Writing the story I had in mind has brought back memories and has been very enjoyable.  (Test readers beware - it's another three chapter plus tale.)

Chrissie and I were digging through some old graphics that we used, the other day. Who can put a name to the duke's flagship?

 It's a crisp, late Winter morning, here in Hertfordshire. The birds are all over the lawn and feeders (I have filled a number of them and sprinkled a bread and end of the cake mix.) There is a feeling of teeming life beginning to awaken again. (It must be time to set sail on another year's adventures.) There was a hard frost on the lawn as I scrunched about, filling seed dispensers and sprinkling suet treats on the small table. The usual robin came to watch, of course. You can never keep a cheeky robin down. He was all over everything in turn as I walked away.

I have a bone to pick with our wood mice. They've been under the netting gnawing my tulip bulbs. You'd think there was enough bird food around to do the trick. They are definitely mammalia non gratia, just now.

Anyone recall that polecat we had down this way, last year?  Chrissie and I found a glis-glis in one of the hides nearby the spot it had been seen, too. This year, how about a pine marten? I've been thinking about going back up to Scotland after the remaining members of the "big six" that we missed last time. I've still to get a good sighting of a Caper'.  Ron, have your camera ready if you guys want to join us on a trip.

Only a couple of months and I can be thinking about the bowls season, again :)  I wonder if Chrissie can make it three years in a row as ladies' champion.  You'd never get her writing about that. All the folks at her work place knew she played but she hadn't told them she was the champion and best lady player in the averages, too. That came out when I was having a drink with them some months ago.  Ah, sweet Sylvander, always staying quiet and being generous and peaceful for others.

Still no sign of the car but some good news, at last.. our bad payees have decided to cough up what they owed us for last June's consultancy work, at last.  Things must be looking up.
(Don't say that too loudly in the squire's presence, though.)

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