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Sunday, 11 January 2015

Scary for Kids?

We watched Coraline, last night. I haven't seen that in ages.

It reminded me what a scary film that could be for younger kids. I imagine there would be a whole group who'd enjoy being scared, like that, too.

It also made me wonder how it was that so few Neil Gaiman stories have been turned into films or modern tv series. 

What about it?   After all, apart from being a creative genius and one of the best writers in the last fifty to a hundred years, his tales have originality and flair. I'd love to see more of his work turned into well funded tv serials or films. American Gods and a remake of Neverwhere would certainly be on my list plus a several season adaptation of Sandman.

So there's something for you to be thinking on, TV screen writers. Just make sure you have the man himself on board too.

And how is it that there are no Culture films based on the Iain M Banks books?

I'd very much like to see Alistair Reynolds books being given a good look over as possible films as well. Maybe even a whole space fiction series.

Which has set me thinking.... there's something I must dig out. Now wherever is it?  *vanishes*

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