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Sunday, 4 January 2015

2015 Preview Continued - What Films Might Cause a Stir?

Ok, ok, I kneel or genuflect or whatever in the sure and certain faith that Star Wars "The Force Awakens" will make the Kessel Run and leave everything else in its wake as it hits the hyperspace jump... or will it? What if the hyperdrive motivator is damaged or worse, missing and we end up with something left field of the worst moments of Lucas' last effort?

I will reserve judgement but unlike when Phantom Menace was approaching and I could hardly sit still, I have a sinking feeling about this new reboot.  As much the hints about the storyline when had I been writing it, I would have gone elswhere and further into the future with my ageing original cast members.  But, it says "Star Wars" on the tin! Yes, I hear your cry. You will find few sadder Star Wars fans short of those who are truly obsessed. After all, I can practically repeat the dialogue for New Hope word for word.... And yes, I have much respect for J.J. Abrams's just that.... I feel a disturbance in the force. Hard to see the future is.

Let's get to the also rans, then ;)

I have a feeling that Avengers- The Age of Ultron may compete with Star Wars for the best special effect and high octane film of the year. Judging by how the films have improved so far and thinking about Winter Soldier and Thor the Dark World, you have to be looking forward to this one, superhero fanz.

Woman in Black II - I wasn't one of those knocked off my feet by the idea of bringing a successful if ,limited stage show concept to the big screen. Did it need a sequel. No.
Oh, incidentally, neither did Taken and going to a part 3 is just indulgent.

I may have a look at Blackhat in January. At least that isn't hanging it's title item on someone else's old peg.

Jupiter Ascending caught my eye for February. The plot might look a bit like (but will fall short of) Iain M Banks "Against a dark Background" but interesting cast and directors could promise something very watchable.   I feel very uncertain that The Seventh Son will do a great deal for fantasy film reputations but we live in hope. One film I will not be going anywhere near is "Fifty Shades of Grey" but I have no doubt that anything said about it will fail to get through to the following.... 

March and another that will not be in my potential list will be "Second Best Exotic Marigold Hotel."  Much enjoyed by the family members over 70 a couple of Xmas' ago, it was very well made, well delivered but ultimately slow and nothing new in the relationships or lessons from life, sorry. Seen them all before.    Branagh's Cinderella looks stellar but should it be performed by live casts? *oof* could that be the sound of it tripping on its petticoats against the latest animated release from the usual suspects, "Home".   And Heart of the Sea will be eaten up by larger films not just by itself - anyway, it just doesn't sound like a whale of a time ;)    I do like Ron Howard films, though so this will be one to watch on the box.

I'm not even going to mention Furious 7 or The Moon and The Sun...oh damn! I just did. Yawn and oh dear. And Run All Night...I think you should Liam...when you saw the script. Don't you think we've had enough of these, now. We get it. You're a tough guy, too.  And please, spare us from another Jurassic Park, another Transporter and another Mad Max. Insane Max by now, surely. As for Tomorrowland, am I the only one who has an issue with George Clooney in anything listed as suspensful and a thriller?  Thankfully the Avengers will be rocking their stuff and then Ant Man will follow hot on the heels of the assembly!  "Avengers Assemble!" We need someone to save the movie year!

The Summer looks like it's going to churn out remakes, games turned into films and what could have been a really good fun feature, The Man from UNCLE but I have a bad feeling about this and you know what should happen after saying that!

I have hopes for Autumn. One is that M Night Shyamalan will come back to the form that some of his early work suggested and  that The Visit will be a classic. And I have a hope that Black Mass will overcome the urge to use stellar casting to excuse a script and will have twists and turns so we are kept wondering what will happen.

Why? Perhaps Ben Kingsley suddenly realised his wallet would be empty by October so persuaded Disney to use him to voice over Bagheera and Zemeckis to cast him in The Walk. Why?  Would Disney remake what is perhaps their best and most perfect animated film of the older genre, The Jungle Book.  Yes, I am sure that Idris Elba will voice Shere Khan well, that Scarlet Johansson will sex up Kaa and Bill Murray will ruin Phil Harris' version of Bare Necessities. Why?  Guys, go find another story to voice over and suggest to Disney that there are many other good tales that Kipling included in the Jungle Books 1 & 2.

The Martian...maybe, The Peanuts Movie, maybe but 20 years too late, Hunger Games Part 27, must we?  Then M.I.5 - three or even four Mission Impossibles too far, The Revenant -oh I love the possibilities of that title but oh look, it's going to be High Plains Drifter etc without Eastwood and then we have (we all bow our heads and await the whispered opening words from the pulpit from a galaxy far, far away)......

Will 2015 be a classic film year?  Not based on what I know or can guess but guys, don't worry, There's a new Star Wars film.

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