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Wednesday, 11 November 2015

Pause and another chapter

So a long pause while Summer went by and I was busy running the bowls club events and teams.  Then, suddenly, Autumn is upon us. The trees have put off their dancing greens and soft silks that shift and sway in the evening breeze.  Now, they have donned russets and golds, yellows and oranges, walnut browns and deep crimsons. They wear necklaces and decorations of berrys and other fruits and bow their heads in the wind.

And all that time, I have achieved little in the way of writing.  If I'm to do this professionally, I will not have the leisure to go missing all Summer, that's for certain.  But there it is. I feel I have to soak up every moment and enjoy each bright day.  When your life is threatened with foreshortening, it is suprising how special every day can be.

But I laboured through a replacement chapter even though the mood was not upon me, I did a little editing, a little planning and considered finding a new editor with my choices both finding new contracts and commitments that meant not being available to me.

Ah well, time to get back to it, I guess.  I have a couple of other projects at this moment and there'll be the usual rush to ensure Christmas is ready to be enjoyed.  I look forward to having my family around me. Let's hope it's a warm one and that there is hope, again.

Now, where did I put that ink and quill?