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Saturday, 3 January 2015

More for 2015

Continuing the 2015 theme, what, I wonder will be the outstanding series that we'll watch (or catch up on) this year.

Head of the list, I put Borgen. The fascinating Danish exploration of politics and behind the scenes of the Danish Parliament ("Borgen" is like saying "Westminster" here) are handled with typical Scandinavian style.  The series illustrates how the trivial and "in the moment" items can override strategy and be blown out of proportion, requiring way more time than they deserve and causing far more waves.

Broadchurch - will the cast move on to a new location and can they produce as intense a dama as the first (but hopefully with a better ending).

The Tunnel - another co-operation between urbane Brit, Karl Roebuck and forthright, job-obsessed Elise Wasserman will be watchable. It was the central reason for this well-scripted show's success alongside tight writing and good support characters. We look forward to see what the writers will do next, assuming another series does appear.

The Blacklist - I know you can pick holes in the way things unfold and the mistakes made but it doesn't alter the fun of watching the ever stylish James Spader running rings around most of the cast and his interaction with Lizzie and Wrestler. Good fun with a dark edge.

I suppose I'd have to say that I'd like to see more crossovers and team battles in Flash and Arrow especially now The Mighty Atom is due to join them. We only need a couple more to have a regular Justice League turnout. I vote Green Lantern and Hawkman so we can see them done properly.  After (spoiler coming) Oliver's apparent fall from the mountain having been stabbed through the chest by Ra's-Al-Ghul, we all wait to see if Flash got him to a medical centre swiftly and if it was, as it appeared, the right side not the heart that he was stabbed through.  A collapsed lung and maybe other damage, mind you...

Oh and how could I forget?  Game of Thrones V.  Stroll on. Our favourite of all. Not long now until they catch up with the books. Come on George...time we had another. It's been many years since we started reading the series.

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