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Friday, 13 March 2015

A few more characters raise their heads

So I'm pushing through the third Finn book without having really taken much time yet, to edit and hone the second book.  The collection of characters just keeps growing at the moment. I was asked to put a bit more in about Ymrys and Rusko who'll be dropping back into book 4 as well.

It's also a book which will see a number of the different types of mages emerge. We will see the difference between the traditional beast shaping ways of the old orders compared to summoning, necromancy and the more floral magic of the Celestials and other Imperial orders.

Hamilkar surfaces (thanks Andreas for taking time out to read and re-read the chapter Northmen and comment)  I want to get him right and differentiated from the other mages as he is very much one of the Norse style group not way off the grey mages Athdarn and Malvorn but with a different preference to shaping.

Another mage (mage-thief) who pops up in book three is Zira who will be appearing regularly along with her light-fingered uncle, Farukh.  Zira's different brand of magic is designed around enhancing her thievery with a mix of shaping and conjuring. (Kirsty, I'll be looking to you to review how she comes over)

We see Sylvander revealed in three, as well. At first, Finn doesn't really ascribe power to her and misses how easily she can protect herself.  Later on, we see her unleash some pretty powerful weather and earth magic common to the druids.

Of course, that means we will also be introduced to three of our mage villains, the most serious protagonist that I have brought into past tales, Vekra-Syn (a painted figure of him with his book and staff hung with talisman sits in the cabinet beside me courtesy of Chrissie), Ceomar and "The Collector" (That alien magi that I must get my daughter to model for me in clay so we can add him to the collection).

Not just magi but the war in the islands rears its ugly head once more.  I think the third may be the best of the books so far. I've certainly enjoyed writing it, enormously.

As soon as you who are still reading finish Book 2 and the Book 1 revisions, it's waiting for you!

I ought to burst into manic and echoing villain laughter, after that monologue.  More soon.

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