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Saturday, 14 March 2015

The first response is in

I had my first response back, today and I am really pleased. 

From everything I have read about submitting fiction, there might be half of one per cent of writers who get a first time acceptance saying we love your stuff. 

I had one back, today that said the story was engaging and invited me to re-submit once I had reviewed his comments on the first 500 words.   It was all fine grammatical stuff which is fantastic. Although I hate being a grammar nazi (excuse the expression!) I'll get the virtual pencil out and go through it closely (and probably get a second check from someone who knows better as it's not my strongest suit). 

I was expecting either a "thanks but its not quite what we want" or "you need a major re-write here or of that character there"  Although I'm sure that there will be more input down the road when the editors have been through the whole thing and will want some changes, additions and hopefully, some discussion, it feels like we're under way, here.

Let's do this thing!   Black Finn's tales need to be told and if the support for them is out there, I'll be bashing through the first six as fast as the stories continue to flow and I can spend the time I need to edit with more attention.

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