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Friday, 27 March 2015

Another appraisal goes for the "stand alone chapter"

For those who were in at the start of my project to get Black Finn and his friends published, you will remember that the original format was a series of Finn's tales, in no particular order, with no particular continuity and looking back into the past (thus giving away who was probably still around and who died or otherwise exited stage left.)

Another one of the newer members of the reading group came back yesterday, preferring that approach.  Sylvander still thinks it is what makes the books stand out.

I am split between the two.  I lean, mostly, to the viewpoint that without the story being told in a rough time order, loss of tension is a serious threat.  If the reader knows that certain characters were about later than the story which places them in peril,  it's too obvious they will make it out, safely.

I also think linear time works better for most readers as it is how we live life. I know a few people who never could get their heads around how Pulp Fiction was presented. (btw, it's one of my favourites, if you ever read me, Quentin ;) ) (That'll be the day, eh?) 

I do wonder if the mix of singular tales about one or other character will mix well being interspersed between other tales which span multiple chapters.

I can see some sort of revision in the final order that I deliver, certainly after The Shadow is Cast, assuming Finn's beginnings does go in as book #1.

Still hoping to hear from a few old stalwarts. Someone give Dun'one and Dimitri a poke with a stick.

More sample stuff soon....

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