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Wednesday, 13 May 2015

Everyone hates Chapter 2

Sometimes, you write a chapter or part of one that is a scene setter or a "plot hook".  Sometimes, however many times you write it, it just doesn't seem to work.

I accept, with as much grace as you're going to get from me, reading group, that you were right and chapter two needs a radical re-write. There are other places to slip the plot item into the tale so all will be fine.

I hope you all like the new chapter two which is two thirds written and one third re-read (and no, it will go to an editor only when you have had a chance to like or maul it, first.) 

It did set me thinking about something two of you have said about the first Finn book. You both said it set an almost frantic pace that rarely let up and left the reader panting with exhaustion and drained by the time it exited, setting up the next.

I think it might want a couple of extra chapters carrying a little more background and slowing the timeline as well.  Maybe we could have an early first term one in Car Duris.  Then there is the opportunity to add cameo chapters which, those who have read the original "skeletal" work (that set this whole thing on the road) know are key to the remaining books.

I also have to make a final choice on the editor.  The two candidates that I like will need to look at the re-written two and comment on the two choices - with or without cameos along with the reading groups.  So, two sets of five chapters are about to be dumped unceremoniously on your virtual doorsteps.  Didn't anyone ever say that reading for someone isn't just all fun and frolics?

That'll teach you all for trashing my chapter. *snigger*

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