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Wednesday, 29 April 2015

The editing challenge

I have been making a list, this week.  Now that I am about to make a choice on a professional editor, I also have some other tasks to undertake.

Top of my list is to get my reading group to re-read chapters 1-4 old and new styles, once both have been edited, and to tell me which they prefer - with or without cameos and with or without additional description.

Secondly, I need to go to one of the broader criticism groups and post a new extract with the additional paragraphs and again, perhaps a cameo included to get a more general reaction.

I have to go over chapters 3-5 and 3b, 5b so they can be edited once I have decided which route we are taking.

I need to go through the rest of the chapters one more time to be sure they are ready to edit. That means continuity and date checks, a run through the event order, again and a final review of the overall story.

I've probably missed something. It would be nice to get back to writing Book 3 and moving onwards while the ideas are still flowing but the first book needs resolving, now.

It feels like we are on the way, me, my book and the people who have gathered about me to help push this enterprise onwards.  I still think there is a substantial road ahead.

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