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Tuesday, 4 November 2014

The Newsroom

I was watching some old back numbers from Sorkin's series, last night and it struck me how far the BBC had drifted from the giving the news in a seemingly impartial or at least informative manner.  I think it started when Princess Diana died and they seemed to go into meltdown, chasing the story so hard that they had to resort to interviewing the boyfriend of the next door neighbout of the cleaner of the lady's house who used to go to school with someone who once met Diana at a party.

I recall that week, there was no other news and nothing objective that  they could find to say.  Since that day, the Beeb have majored on a number of other stories to the exclusion of everything else.   What they have lost with that is any ability to offer two sides to a story, any real ability to inform or have an adult debate and with those, the ability to hold my attention or respect.

News can never just be factual because there is always an angle but what we need more of is questions, debate, hearing differing opinions and not having one view crammed down our throats by bias newspapers, tv stations and self interest groups.  Come on BBC, you aren't owned by an individual with a political affiliation. Start doing the job you were created for. Win back the respect of the world for independent reporting.

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