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Saturday, 2 February 2013

Why is it always Egg Mayo? (Review)

Review:  Burston Cafe nr St Albans

We used to drop in and eat, regularly at Burston Nurseries. Usually, it was just coffee and something light on a weekend lunchtime and occasionally in the week.

For various reasons, we haven't been in a while so today, we stopped on our way back from a wander around.  There were new menus. It looked like it might be promising but oh dear... we were so wrong.

Fancying a toasted sandwich each, we noted that you could have three fillings for £4.45 but I wanted just egg mayonnaise.  "How much, just for egg mayonnaise?", I asked, expecting it to be the same or maybe 10p more than the standard sandwich. "£4.45", answered the lady behind the cafe bar, cheerfully.  So, I may as well have three fillings, I thought. OK, for once, I will compromise and pay the extra, have some bacon and tomato with that.  Oh and I'll add the bowl of chips for £1.50 on that offer.

Imagine my dismay when the sandwich arrived and the bread was so thin it was nearly see-through, the packing sparse to the point that it had once been introduced to some egg mayonnaise but after shaking hands, all that was left was a smear.... It was hardly cooked and although the chips were nice, the usual small side salad and crisps had been removed as the chips were a replacement not an addition... Our other sandwich did come with a small handful of salad and crisps so we could see just how much we had missed... Not much. 

We won't be back to eat again until we see some change while on our visits to the nursery for plants.  I hope we are not the only customer to walk away. Places like this need to stop believing in their own infallibility. It seems every time we look into a cafe or coffee shop, these days, the prices have gone up again but sadly, the quality is at best, the same as before.  In this case, the prices were most definitely up and the quality, well, you have the idea if you read this note.

I will just say - Burston's....I wouldn't waste strong condemnation. I will just say we are disappointed.  I hope you understand what that means.  

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